About DCI

Our Company

DCI Digital Communications specializes in Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) products, which reduce interference problems in the 30 MHz to 6 GHz range. The products we design and manufacture are: VHF and UHF bandpass filters, low pass filters, wi-fi filters, multiple-window filters, combiners, broadband duplexers, tower-top amplifiers, and CDMA repeaters.

DCI is a unique company in that we offer custom solutions to interference problems as well as "off-the-shelf" products. We work with customers to come up with specific solutions to specific RFI problems. To optimize a customer's selection process, we make most of our bandpass filters available in 4, 6, 8 or 10-poles depending on how much rejection is required.

Our RFI products have high-performance specifications: steep skirts, low loss and low SWR. The products are well built and rugged. Our lower frequency filters are made from extruded aluminum and brass, and our higher frequency filters are machined on our CNC mill. All manufacturing and tuning takes place on our premises.

DCI's products are competitively priced and, equally important, they are turned around quickly. An average customer order is ready to ship in three weeks. In a critical situation, we can have a bandpass filter built, tuned and out the door in 24 hours.

Our company is versatile, as are our products, and we are willing to work with companies world-wide. We are always interested in new challenges and new markets.

Our Customers

DCI's markets are primarily the US and Canada, but we also sell our products to the UK, Japan, Australia and a number of other countries. Most of our sales are direct, due to the custom nature of our work.

Our customers include cellular providers, digital television companies, FM broadcasting stations, trunking specialists, wi-fi providers, the transportation industry, medical facilities, the military, satellite groups, and amateur radio operators.

Our Commitment

DCI is committed to providing an optimal solution to your interference problem. We will work with you to:

In covering these bases, we hope to cover your interference.

Mailing Address

Ottawa Office:
500 Van Buren St., Box 550, Kemptville, ON, Canada - K0G 1J0
Montreal Office:
7730 TransCanadienne Rte Saint Laurent, QE, H4T 1A5

DCI Digital Communications Ltd.

Sales Inquires: Toll-Free:1-800-563-5351/ Local: (613) 258-1120/ Fax:(613) 258-7418

Post Sales Technical Support: Local: (514) 631-8837

E-Mail: dci@dci.ca