Sample Applications of DCI Filters

VCom Inc.

provides 700MHz & 800MHz band pass filters and duplexers as part of a complete solution to deliver BWIN (Broadband Wireless Internet Network) services to rural and urban areas.

SED Systems

uses band pass filters and transmit filters in their Satellite Digital Audio Broadcast Uplink Systems.


uses UHF bandpass filters in their medical monitoring systems.

Canadian National Railway

uses custom filters at 160 MHz to narrow up the front end of their wide-band receivers.

The University of Alaska Geophysical Institute

has several UHF bandpass filters installed on the Aleutian Islands to reduce interference in transmitting seismic data.

Cellular Providers



use our VHF filters to separate tower and maintenance communication systems.

Wireless LAN

customers use our 902 to 928 MHz and 2.4 GHz filters to improve bit error rates.

The Mir Space Station

used a DCI filter, blocking interference from commercial transmitters as an integral part of the Mir Personal Messaging System.

DCI Digital Communications Ltd.

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