Ordering Information

Because most of our orders are custom-designed and tuned, it is simplest for all parties if we do not provide on-line ordering. Instead, we prefer to accept orders by:


We can ship products by mail or courier service. Please specify your requested shipping method, and whether you prefer air or surface shipping. We can ship prepay-and-bill, or collect on your shipping account number.

US Customers

As we are a Canadian company, it is advised that you provide your EIN (Tax ID) no. upon ordering. This information will help to avoid delays with Customs.

On pre-paid ground shipments by courier, we add brokerage charges and pass them on at cost. On pre-paid air shipments by courier, there are no additional brokerage charges.

Our products are covered by NAFTA, and as such, no duty charges will apply.

International Customers

Courier service: approx. 5-6 days in transit, door-to-door service, can be costly.

Airmail: approx. 5-10 days in transit, post office to post office service, less costly than courier.

Recipient will be responsible for any additional incoming duty and/or brokerage charges.


We guarantee products to meet manufacturer's specifications or custom-quoted specifications.

Should your product become de-tuned during normal use, we will offer to re-tune it to its original spec at no charge, providing the unit has not been opened up or tampered with in any way. Shipping charges to and from recipient will not be offered in addition.

DCI Digital Communications Ltd.

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