DCI filters on the reverse path (RX) of the BTS have been very successful in reducing dropped calls, reducing interference and increasing sensitivity. They are usually provided on an "as needed" basis to address unique interfering signals at a specific site. Please call us for custom designs with short delivery times, to meet your specific needs.

Our lowpass filters are helpful in removing in-band harmonic interference from nearby transmitters. The low pass filter would be added to the offending transmitter. These filters typically have <0.1dB loss and can handle as much as 2 kW of power depending on the operating frequency.

In rural areas we can increase BTS RX sensitivity with tower-top amplifiers. The gain in sensitivity is usually equal to the loss in the coax between the antenna and the BTS RX. We also have a CDMA repeater product, the FTZE, which helps extend service further into rural areas.

We have addressed a wide variety of configuration problems with duplexers and diplexers, that allow for the combining of signals into one antenna to reduce tower loading and, simultaneously, to reduce interfering signals and intermod. For example, we have replaced the duplexer in a typical BTS, with two runs of coax and a tower top duplexer for increased sensitivity.

Cellular Filter Example Graphs

8 Pole 8 Notch TX BW Limiting10 Pole 842 MHz10 Pole 859.5 MHz

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